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Chris Banard

Working with students of all ages and abilities, Chris helps golfers understand the positions required to make an efficient golf swing. A technology enthusiast, Chris excels in using the latest golf technologies to identify movement patterns, recommend solutions, and create training regimens that allows golfers to work on their own.

Chris is a Certified Swing Catalyst™, SAM PuttLab™, and K-Vest™ professional instructor at two premier indoor golf performance centers - Swing to Win in Wilmington and The Practice Grounds in Acton.

Swing Catalyst
SAM PuttLab

Chris also has a deep knowledge of the latest golf equipment and is a certified club fitting expert for Callaway™, PING™, TaylorMade™, and Titleist™ product lines at Nashawtuc Country Club in Concord.



K-Vest Swing Evaluation

3D Golf Swing Evaluation


Learn how your body moves throughout your swing

K-Vest Performance Training

3D Golf Performance Training


Train your body to move for proper positioning and sequencing

K-Vest Multi Session Training Program

3D Multi Session Training Program


Refine your movement and swing to produce consistent results



Custom Golf Equipment Fitting

Get custom fit for your next golf equipment purchase

Technology Assisted Learning

Technology Assisted Learning (TAL), allows the student to better, and more quickly, understand the feel of their body's position as they improve their various golf swings - from full shots all the way down to their putting stroke. Each technology that Chris utilizes when evaluating or training a student is deployed with the purpose of accelrating a lasting learning experience for that student.

Here are the latest technologies that Chris is using in his instruction today:

K-Coach - Feel Your Swing
The K-Coach training platform includes the K-Vest 3D Golf Swing Motion Capture system that records how your body moves throught the golf swing and indentifies areas for improvement concerning posture, rotation, and timing. It also features a completely cuctomizable training platform called K-Player that allows players to train themselves at their own pace using specific drills and programs resulting from the K-Vest capture process.

SAM PuttLab - Understand Your Stroke
Science and Motion's (SAM) PuttLab analyzes every aspect of your putting stroke - alignment, length, timing, rotation, and path that produces a comprehensive analysis of your putting stroke. After capturing your stroke, you can continue to train any stroke adjustments using the SAM PuttLab or Blast Motion.

TrackMan - Know Your Numbers
TrackMan is the industry leading launch monitor that precisely captures every aspect of the launch conditions created by your golf swing. Understanding your swing's launch characteristics and resulting metrics based on swing changes help accelerate the learning process for the player.

Blast Motion - Train Your Tempo
Using the Blast Motion system to train the various aspects of your putting stroke, especially the components of tempo, will have you putting better in just a few practice sessions. Training to consistently make similarly timed back and forward strokes, resulting in a putting tempo, will improve your distance control and consistency of your putting stroke.

Smart2Move - Measure Your Groundforce
Relatively new to the golf training spectrum, forceplates that measure ground interaction throughout the golf swing, such as Smart2Move 1D Forceplate system, allows the player to understand how they interact with the ground during their swing. The Smart2Move system is extremely helpful in capturing each foot's weight distribution, the body's center of mass, and the ultimate ground pressure that is created during the golf swing. Understanding how to utilize the ground more efficiently and effectively can result in generating more power in the golf swing.

Gravity Fit - Feel Your Posture
The least technical of the technologies that Chris uses, the Gravity Fit posture training system allows players to feel what good posture and a more connected swing feels like. Use Gravity Fit as a posture guide, a warmup, or to feel more connected in your takeaway and swing.


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